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> OS: You can run this software on Windows (native) or Linux (using Wine 9.6+)
> All Minecraft BDS features
> All node.js features (*that are supported by ChakraCore. See this page for more information)
> Debug with Visual Studio Code (You can debug plugins too)
> Intercept network packets
> Custom Commands
> Low-level hooking and DLL Call
> Get IP Address & XUID (Example below)

import { events } from "bdsx/event";
import { MinecraftPacketIds } from "bdsx/bds/packetids";
events.packetAfter(MinecraftPacketIds.Login).on((ptr, networkIdentifier, packetId) => {
    const ip = networkIdentifier.getAddress();
    if (ptr.connreq === null) return; // Wrong client version
    const cert = ptr.connreq.getCertificate();
    const xuid = cert.getXuid();
    const username = cert.getId();
    console.log(`Connection: ${username}> IP=${ip}, XUID=${xuid}`);
});Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

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